Pedodonti (Pediatric Dentistry)

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Pedodontic treatments focus on the special needs of children from birth to adolescence, making it a branch of dentistry that caters to the unique requirements of this age group. This field encompasses not only children but also individuals of all ages who require special dental care, generally falling under the specialization of ‘Pediatric Dentistry.’


Pediatric dentistry covers all dental treatments for patients up to the age of 13. This period is crucial as it involves the development of all teeth and completes the overall oral health.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth are important in children because they play a significant role in aesthetics, function, and phonation. Additionally, they prepare the positions for the permanent teeth to replace them. Therefore, baby teeth should be preserved and kept in the mouth as much as possible.

Do all teeth in a child's mouth fall out when they grow up?

The answer to the question of whether every tooth in a child’s mouth will fall out generally applies to baby teeth. Baby teeth, except for one tooth, naturally resorb and fall out until permanent teeth come in. If there are no issues, there is usually no need to extract baby teeth.


The eruption of permanent teeth typically begins around the age of 6 and continues until 13-14 years old. However, there is an exception here. The first molars, known as the 6-year molars, develop in the mouth at the age of 6, and these are permanent teeth. In other words, these teeth are not baby teeth and remain in the mouth throughout life.


Therefore, generally, the teeth in a child’s mouth, excluding baby teeth, will fall out as they grow. The 6-year molars, however, will stay in the mouth for a lifetime. Regular dental check-ups are important during this process to ensure the teeth erupt regularly and in a healthy manner.

Do baby teeth get pulled out?

Baby teeth generally fall out on their own, but a decision to extract them may be made after examination by a dentist. Factors such as cavities may sometimes be behind this decision. The primary aim is to preserve the space for the underlying permanent tooth. Preventing early loss of baby teeth is essential as it can lead to significant disruptions in oral structure.

Space maintainers play a crucial role in this process. The functions of space maintainers include:


Preserving the space for the permanent tooth: When a baby tooth falls out, space maintainers help preserve the gap for the proper eruption of the permanent tooth. This assists in ensuring that teeth settle in the correct positions.


Preventing cavities after orthodontic movements: Following orthodontic treatments to align teeth, space maintainers prevent the formation of cavities, thus preserving oral health.


Therefore, during the natural process of baby teeth falling out, regular examinations by a dentist, and the use of space maintainers when necessary, are important for maintaining a child’s oral health and dental structure.

Should You Visit a Pedodontist Frequently?

Regular pediatric dental check-ups are important for maintaining and improving a child’s oral health. Especially during the primary teeth period and mixed dentition period, when both primary and permanent teeth are present, pediatric dental check-ups are recommended.


During this period, it is generally advised to have a pediatric dental check-up every six months. Regular check-ups are essential to monitor the child’s oral health, detect potential issues early, and take preventive measures.


During these check-ups, the pediatric dentist examines for cavities, tracks tooth development, provides education on dental hygiene, and administers preventive treatments. This can contribute to a child having a lifelong beneficial oral health. Additionally, it allows for quicker intervention in case of early-detected problems, preventing more serious issues.

What are the Protective Practices?

  • Fluoride applications
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Oral hygiene education



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